Newest simcity buildit hack online tool for 2016

simcity buildit

Greetings for all players who look for Simcity buildit hack online tool! We have something special for you that the online tool is now available exclusively. This is a very unique hack tool because it has its own characteristics and different with other hack. We know that sometimes we need to download the hack in order to make it working properly. Then, we still do not know that the app is safe or not for our device. Meanwhile, our newest online tool does not need any downloading activity. It means that you can simply use it by filling the blank boxes with your email.


Simcity buildit is the best Simcity series which is also the latest version of this game. The difference comes when we talk about the platform of the game. Electronic Arts has released the game through smartphone users. You can download the game via iOs and Android stores. It means that this game is not for PC users anymore. Luckily, our hack works for all smartphone as same as normal hack tool. It does require you to download or fill some fake surveys. As long as you can play this game on your smartphone, we believe that you are able to use our Simcity buildit hack online tool.


On the previous paragraph, you know that this Simcity buildit hack online tool is working for all platforms. What about the features? We guarantee you that the features are the same with other hacks. The only difference is only on the execution where ours does not need any download because it works via internet. This online tool also helps you to get unlimited cash and Simoleons. Moreover, you can put the number by yourself. In other words, it depends on your demand. This tool is also called as code generator. Here are some instructions to use our online tool.


First of all, you may prepare your email. In this case, the email must be connected with your smartphone. Some people always do this common mistake. They complain that our online tool is hoax whereas they put the wrong email. Then, please fill the blank boxes below with your email. After that, you may fill the resource’s amount boxes with the number 1 until 999999. Click the proceed button and please wait for three minutes. Our system will detect and process the amount of yours. It may takes some minutes by the way because you are not the only one who are using our Simcity buildit hack online tool.


Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, Three Dimensional Worlds in A Single Game

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam was just released by Nintendo for 3DS console on January 22nd, 2016. You will find something new from this game, especially when compared to Paper Mario game. The series of Mario have already very familiar in Nintendo for many years. Just like the previous series before, you will play an adventure RPG game with the main characters are Mario and Luigi. Compared to Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi has larger world to explore. Paper Mario has more condensed setting in the game. No need to compare about the enjoyment in playing those two games because both of them offer many fun, entertainment, and enjoyment when played.

In Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, there are two series of Mario that are fused, combining Mario and his super flat friend, Luigi, in the same game that has three dimensional worlds. You can find many items in this game that come from each game, from Mario and from Luigi. It’s a great game because it’s a RPG game that has good sense of humor with colorful atmosphere combined with many new items. Surely, you will enjoy to play this game for a long period of time, maybe up to 10-20 hours when you play it.

You can find three main characters, Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario in Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. They have their own characteristics and power. Paper Mario has the lowest health and defense compared to the other two. But, he is made from paper that enable him to copy himself. His clones have the ability to absorb damage and make his attacks more powerful. He can also use Trio Attacks where all the characters contribute in a single attack. Luigi and his brother can use powerful Bros Attacks by sharing their gear and joining forces. But it should be executed in the right timing.

The battle in this game is not always about fighting. There are also battle cards where you can get various bonuses and effects without spending a turn. When you have a blank card in your inventory, certain Amiibo can create new battle cards. Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam requires your perfect timing to press the button for attacking, dodging, or counters to get the most out of them. Sometimes, the timing aspect can be difficult because you will face many different enemies with different characteristics. You will not be frustrating when playing this game because you can find tons of characters that come in amazing ways.

Get the Boom Beach Hack Benefit for No Reward


When you want to get something that you need, it is mostly paid. It is because nothing in this world that can give you benefits without any kinds of rewards or money. There is even a saying telling that getting a reward is not something free because people will want their reward after giving you benefits. It goes as exactly as it is.

When you want to play something perfectly in the highest speed, the best expand, the widest area, and the most powerful machine to attack others, you have to purchase a number of diamonds to make all of them possible to be true. As what the Boom Beach game provides, you need to pay for the diamonds to make them yours. Yet, there is a way for you to get them for no reward. It is called Boom Beach hack benefit.

The Valuable Benefit of the Hack Tool

Before sharing some Boom Beach hack benefit, what do you actually expect to be hired and also added in your place during the Boom Beach game? Is it about tons of money that can buy every single piece parts of the game? Is it about how your place is going to look like with the complete high building and its materials? Is it about your low level that can speed up those high buildings in time? Well, you can have your hopes high indeed.

Boom Beach hack benefit does not only provide a lot of benefits but also save you a lot of time that cannot be measured by money. You do not have to spend your weeks by waiting those buildings finished its processes. Whenever you feel that the number of your iron and stones are very little, having the diamonds can encourage you to have them all just in two clicks.

No matter whether you are still beginners but you have those abilities to follow each and every step in the hack tutorial from the tool, then this can be your chance. Unless you are not an expert and you know nothing about the hack system for your game, then this might be too complicated for you. In spite of being difficult with yourself, Boom Beach hack benefit can be your truly media to escape from your simple playground. One more thing is that you will never stop playing this game after getting those stacks of diamonds in your game. Are not you interested in trying to get the diamonds for free?

Finally, Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Come to PC

Resident Evil Zero HD remaster finally comes to PC. This is the remaster version of Resident Evil game that was launched in 2002. Just like the old Resident Evil, it’s still a zombie survival game. In beginning of the game, you have to solve like puzzle game about the character before you can proceed to the next level. You have to observe some security cameras while defending from zombie attacks. You have to shot them in third person view with limited ammo. So, it surely need your concentration.

resident evil zero hd remaster

Because it’s a remastered game, the game play still uses old game play which enable you to avoid conflict during the game. Resident Evil Zero HD remaster will allow you to avoid some conflicts to avoid or reduce any damages. You have two playable characters that can be switched during the game. You can also trade or split the items between those two playable players. In this game version you don’t have to go into a safe room to drop or change the items, you can do it anywhere you want.

In this Resident Evil Zero HD remaster, the screen resolution has more options. Now, you can enable full 16:9 wide screen. It also supports 1080p resolution, just like the new AAA games nowadays. In this game you will see a new visual engine that offers better visual display. The audio gets improvement too. The audio system uses Gamecube audio featured with Dolby 5.1. It will give a good sound for any effects of the game. But, if you look closer to some objects in the game such as doors and windows, they have very rough textures. No need to worry about it because when it comes to the zombie, they look more realistic. It creates true zombie survivor atmosphere in the game.

So, this remaster game has some additional features such as better audio and visual quality compared to the old games. Then, the Resi gameplay give you something different that can’t be found in many modern games. The puzzle in this game is also very enjoyable and fun. As a legendary game, it should get better improvements for the gameplay. Compared to some modern games, the gameplay cannot match many modern games. It can be said that the game a little bit boring. But, if you want to have a nostalgic game in your PC, installing Resident Evil Zero HD remaster can be a good way.

How to use subway surfers hack android?

subway surfers game play

There are some steps which you must to do for our Subway Surfers hack Android. The first step is by opening the game in the initial phase. Once your screen is loading the Subway Surfers menu, press the home button on your Android. Let the game works on the background system of your phone. Open the browser on your Android. We recommend you to use Chrome or default browser. Write down our site and find this post. Download the hack automatically when you opened this page. The site will automatically suggest the best hack tool for your Android. Install and run the app. Your coins will be unlimited and your fun is coming to play Subway Surfers now.

That is the step to use our Subway Surfers hack Android. It is very easy, right? What are the reasons of our hack? As we know, Subway Surfers game is played by million people of Android users now. We proudly present this hack in order to help you playing the game without spending any money of yours. For your information, the developer of this game offers in-game store inside the game to buy the coins and keys with real money. Of course, it costs our wallet and life to play the game with real money, right? So, this hack is dedicated for all players who do not want to pay any premium feature of Subway Surfers.

Moreover, you need to get the high scores as fast as possible. It will waste your time either because you need to spend more time to reach the top rank. By using our Subway Surfers hack Android, this long time can be shorten because we offer you unlimited coins that are very important to continue the game when you are caught by inspector or hit by train. With unlimited coins, you can also buy extra power and other necessary equipment such as boards and unlocking the characters.

It will be frustrating if you play without this Subway Surfers hack Android. The reasons are completely shown above this paragraph. We need to play it with totally free of payment and get the top rank list as short as possible. To generate the hack is also very simple as stated in the first paragraph. Thus, you will have the coins as many as you can because it is definitely free. Last but not least, we created this hack without any malware and virus. So, you have no worry that the tool will harm or break the system of you Android obviously.

Shiness the Lightning Kingdom teasers

Shiness the Lightning Kingdom

Shiness the Lightning Kingdom introduces its characters one by one on some screenshots. These screenshots were uploaded by its developer, Focus Home Interactive. For your information, this game is a RPG game which will be released soon through the year. On those screenshots, we infer that the developer wants to introduce the main characters’ story of the game. Those pictures tell us about the background or reasons why their living place is endangered. The name of the world is Mahera. This is good teaser because players do not only need the teaser of the game which will be released but also thebackground story of the game.

The main character of Shiness the Lightning Kingdom is Chado who has relation with the nature surrounding him. He will be accompanied by Poky who is his mechanic and the mysterious Kayenne who has telekinesis ability. Those main characters will take their adventure and find a solution why they world is being ruined. There are also fire benders Rosalya and Askel who will join the adventure with Chado and friends. According to the screenshots, those characters have their own ways or reasons why they want to help Chado which are described very well on the pictures.

The developer of Shiness the Lightning Kingdom promises that their game offers addictive and challenging gameplay. As we know that RPG game is a strategy game. You need to know who will attack first and who will heal the entire team. They also added that the character who is in critical situation or nearly die, he or she will be automatically replaced by other characters of the team. In other words, the players should know when to attack and when to defense. Since this is a RPG game, those kinds of gameplay are very well-known and popular for RPG gamers.

The game will be released this year. We have no confirmation yet when is the specific date of the release. FYI, this game will be available for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 globally. If you are yearning the truly RPG game, you must wait this game. You will know how is the experience of playing TPG game on high-end console due its graphics. Overall, we cannot show how the gameplay’s detail of the game is now because it is still on-progress. Of course, it won’t be far away from the nature of RPG by the way.RPG or roleplaying game is the main gameplay of Shiness the Lightning Kingdom.


More than 100 games for Oculus VR Headset in 2016

Oculus VR headset

The price and preorder of Oculus VR headset is already announced by Oculus in the first quarter of 2016. It forces them to develop some games which suitable and appropriate with this future gaming gear obviously. Some experts predict that Oculus Rift will have more than a hundred games through this year. This is not a small number of games for sure which means there are many game developers which attracted to compare their game-engine and modern gaming gear in 2016. This becomes the most expectations for Oculus Rift fans all over the world to feel a new experience through many challenging games.

The 100 games during 2016 for Oculus VR headset was confirmed by Palmer Luckey. He is the creator of this futuristic gaming-gear on his Reddit account. Moreover, he said that at least 100 games which mean that it can be more. He added that there are 20 Oculus Studios titles included on a hundred games before with many 3rd party titles either. Until this post is written, there are only two games confirmed for Oculus Rift. They are Lucky’s Tale and Eve: Valkyrie. Actually, other games have already announced but we can mention it one by one in this post. Those games have announced last year through the trailer of this modern headset.

For your information, Oculus VR headset is available now with preorder system. The customers will get a package which consists of Oculus Remote, Xbox One Controller, cables, free copies of mentioned games above, a sensor and the Oculus headset itself. The creator sets the price for $599 on the market now. There is no upfront payment either. Consequently, the charge appears when the headset is on shipping already. The launching batch will be held on 28 March. However, all headsets are already sold out now according to the latest news. The second batch is predicted on May.

On our perspective, the price of Oculus VR headset is classified as cheap cost. This price point is suitable for low until high level of customers. Moreover, people are very enthusiast to wait this high-technology system of gaming-gear. However, they need to compare the minimum requirements first before using Oculus Rift on their PC. Regarding to the 100 games which will be available this year, it is a very positive comment since Oculus Rift is the most demanding gear in 2016. The more games are the better especially for the gamer communities all over the world. Let us see and wait those games.