Unicef Drone Deliveries to Treat HIV in Malawi

Drone deliveries are gained its popularity nowadays. But things in Malawi are very different, while Amazon has tested its first drop-off to a customer in the United Kingdom of a connected TV gadget and popcorn. The trials have been done by Unicef how to use drone in order to speed-up HIV diagnosis in the country of Africa. Organization says that by using drone, you do not have to waste a lot of time to wait the results of the test and bypass the transport system.

In March, the children’s charity that has been held by UN began a trial in order to see if UAVs can be used in order to carry up to 250 tests of 1kg samples. All of the systems can be demonstrated by them in order to put into place to apply UAV in this particular geographic area. Meanwhile, there are more than 90 autonomous flights of one, five, and 10 kilometers across distances.

At the moment, the work of its drone has been expanded by the Unicef in the country which is supported by the government. In order to test the drone, they create a humanitarian drone corridor. This will be used in April 2017. They will use a space of up to 40 km in order to test drone from manufacturers and universities that have been existed and much more.

There are three main applications that are important for Unicef such as transport, connectivity, and imagery. The technology will be used for analyzing and generating aerial images which can be used within humanitarian crisis. Experimentation will be seen by connectivity with drone in order to extend the connections of Wi-Fi or phone signals. They also will build the transportation factor in order to make the HIV test success.

According to Sherman, it will be important at look at a couple of data which will be generated and how that will be analyzed, used, and stored. Open-data principles will be used by them. The minister of transport, Jappie Mhango said that the drone corridor will help the nation. This is important to launch the testing corridor in order to support data collection and transportation where land transport infrastructure is difficult or not feasible during emergencies.

Unicef worked with the government of Malawi in order to create a regulation system for testing drone within the country. The drone will be operated for one or two years.

SimCity Buildit Tips to Make the Game Fun

SimCity Buildit provides gamers with much excitement in creating massive and new city consisting of different part as well as to encounter the challenges. If you are novice in this kind of game, there are some SimCity Buildit tips which you can follow. These tips will be useful for you in helping and guiding you while you design your city in the game. You could use the resources available for the game to create many residential plots and then upgrade them. There are three main tips which will be discussed in this section.

  • Get the upgrade materials

The first tip in playing SimCity Buildit is that you need to get the upgrade materials. You need to give your best effort in order to gather materials to upgrade residential building you already have. The materials can be obtained from factories and from some stores. In this case, you can follow SimCity Buildit tips by mixing the materials which come from factories and store. By following the tips, it will give you more than keeping residents happy. You need to design the residential properly such as by placing building properly, providing services and facilities for residents or by building parks that can make them happier.

  • Spend Simcash wisely

The next SimCity Buildit tips that you can follow are by spending Simcash you have wisely. In this case, you will need to give your focus to increase your stores capacity. It is because all items which are produced in the stores are very valuable but need the longest time to make. You do not have to spend your Simcash for production in hurry. To spend Simcash wisely, you also need to make the area for buildings and industries separately. This can help you to keep residential building away from pollution. In term of Simcash, if you need to generate more Simcash for free, you may want to use SimCity Buildit Hack tool to use it as needed.

  • Stick to the main goal

Another main tip to follow is that you should stick to the main goal of this game. Successful state in playing SimCity Buildit can be measured by population number in your city as well as by the number of cool things which can be unlocked. What you need to do is increasing the population of the city by building many new residences, and then upgrades them. Thus, you need to stick to this goal to be successful within the game.

After you follow SimCity Buildit tips mentioned above, you are expected to be able to develop your city more. In the end, you should keep working make the population increased as much as possible.

Best Apps for Your Smartphones for Working Needs


Nowadays, smartphone can be considered as the replacement of your laptop or computer. This is one reason why many people are looking for the best apps for your smartphones that they can use for their working needs. If you are also one of those people who are using their smartphone for the working needs, then you will also need to try some of these applications for your smartphone that will help you with many of your working needs all of the time.

The first one is Skype. This is one application that you surely need. That is because many people nowadays are communicating using Skype. As an addition to that, you can also call someone even do the video call without spending any of your credit on the phone. It is all free to use. The next application that can be considered as the best apps for your smartphones that you need to try is Inbox by Gmail. If you think that your standard email application on the smartphone is enough, then you might want to think about that once again. That is because many people have realized that you will only get the limited features on the default email application in your smartphone. This is one reason why this application will be something nice to manage all of your electronic mailing needs.

The next application is Evernote. Many of you will surely have realized how important a note is. This is one reason why you need to pick Evernote as one of the best apps for your smartphones. That is because this application offers you a lot of features that will help you deal and manage all of your notes for many different situations and circumstances.

Last but not least, the last application that you need for your smartphone is Microsoft Office Mobile. This is the most important application that you need for your working needs. That is because Microsoft Office offers you some nice applications such as Ms Word and Ms Excel that will surely help you with many of your working needs. Unfortunately, even though this application is named as one of the best apps for your smartphones, you will need a decent amount of money to get the application. That is because this application is not free to use on your smartphone. Even though you can get the copy for free, you will not be able to use all of its features.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack that Works: Common Issue


In the event that you have encountered many false cheating hack, you may be wondering about the Pixel Gun 3D hack that works, for real. Having the cheating tool can work and will be beneficial for your gaming enjoyment. However, there are problems with false links or fake tool, so the best thing to find out whether you get the right tool or not is to really perform a good checking.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack that Works Existence

You are probably wondering why there is even such thing as Pixel Gun 3D hack that works. Well, just like other popular games, the requests and demands for such cheating tool is always present once the game has reached the popularity level. The more people play the game (resulting in a popular schematic), the more demands for such cheating tool will surface. And that’s how everything begins. Once the Pixel Gun game has reached the popularity level, demands start coming in.

Any smart game developers will see this opportunity to make themselves known. If they can provide any cheating tool that can actually work, they can expect fame and popularity as well as high traffic. And since most of these developers have their own websites, they can expect high traffic that will affect their reputation and name. All of these are for the sake of business and profits, really.

The Main Problems

The main issue with such cheating tool isn’t about the usage and implementation but about the finding out whether the tool is real or not. If you are lucky, you should be able to find the tools that really works. The false and fake tool may contain malicious malware and virus that will definitely attack your system. Some of the sophisticated malware may contain spyware so other people can find out your personal data (such as credit card info, social security, etc) and then steal it.

Finding the Reliable Source

So, how do you find the real works Pixel Gun 3D hack, anyway? Make sure that you only choose the reliable website. Check the reputation. Check the history and track records. Check the testimonial section although it is not always reliable. Check the internet. Check the community or forums. In fact, you can always join in gaming online forums and ask for references. Any legit gamers should be able to point you to the right direction. If you are thoroughly careful, you should be able to find Pixel Gun 3D hack that works.