Roblox Tips for Getting Free Gear

In this Roblox Tips, we are going to talk about how to get free gear. All the gears of the game can be obtained through in-game purchase. It means that you need to spend your game currency to get it. The currency used in this game is called as Robux. Getting Robux is difficult. Robux can be obtained from daily login. The amount of Robux you can get from it is not as many as you expected. Therefore, you need to spend the Robux you have wisely. Purchasing gear should be your priority. It will change the appearance of your avatar. It means that the gear you used is your identity while playing with other payers.

Since purchasing gears for your character requires a great amount of Robux, some people decided to use Roblox hack instead. Using third party without the game developer permission is prohibited. If the system knows that you use third party software, you will be permanently banned. Alternatively, you can use legal way that less risky than using hack. There are plenty of Roblox Tips to get free gear. Those tips are mostly including third party application. Since you need to avoid that, you can do the following procedure.

After you login into your account, type RXNY on the search bar. It is the account of player that will give you free hat. Click on Play as soon as his account appears on the search results. From this page, you will be spawned into his world. On your left, there are several headgears for display purposes. In order to generate the gear you want, you need to go back on the official website. The Roblox Tips continue with typing the gear name. After you decide which gear you want to generate, click on the gear icon. You will be redirected to particular page with item description. On the address bar, you will notice that the address is ended with series of numbers. This numbers series is the id of the item.

Now go back to your account. Copy paste the item id into your chat bar or simply write it down. In front of the spawn location, there is numeric panel. Click on the panel corresponding to the item id numbers. Click the green square on the panel and wait for the item to be generated. The item will be spawned on the square area next to the panel. The gear is now yours to take. If you follow the Roblox Tips in this article carefully, the gear should be transferred into your account.