Best Apps for Your Smartphones for Working Needs


Nowadays, smartphone can be considered as the replacement of your laptop or computer. This is one reason why many people are looking for the best apps for your smartphones that they can use for their working needs. If you are also one of those people who are using their smartphone for the working needs, then you will also need to try some of these applications for your smartphone that will help you with many of your working needs all of the time.

The first one is Skype. This is one application that you surely need. That is because many people nowadays are communicating using Skype. As an addition to that, you can also call someone even do the video call without spending any of your credit on the phone. It is all free to use. The next application that can be considered as the best apps for your smartphones that you need to try is Inbox by Gmail. If you think that your standard email application on the smartphone is enough, then you might want to think about that once again. That is because many people have realized that you will only get the limited features on the default email application in your smartphone. This is one reason why this application will be something nice to manage all of your electronic mailing needs.

The next application is Evernote. Many of you will surely have realized how important a note is. This is one reason why you need to pick Evernote as one of the best apps for your smartphones. That is because this application offers you a lot of features that will help you deal and manage all of your notes for many different situations and circumstances.

Last but not least, the last application that you need for your smartphone is Microsoft Office Mobile. This is the most important application that you need for your working needs. That is because Microsoft Office offers you some nice applications such as Ms Word and Ms Excel that will surely help you with many of your working needs. Unfortunately, even though this application is named as one of the best apps for your smartphones, you will need a decent amount of money to get the application. That is because this application is not free to use on your smartphone. Even though you can get the copy for free, you will not be able to use all of its features.

Technology of Movies Industry


For more than 100 years, movies have been a crucial part of pop culture, so that there is technology of movies that you have to know during that time. Even though movie is a photographic medium, it has related with computer, electronic, and electrical technologies. When silent films were emerged, projectors and cameras have applied electric motors in order to achieve constant speed of film. Electric lights are very crucial in terms of projecting and filming. In the beginning of studios, Cooper-Hewitt mercury-vapor tubes and arc floodlights were most important. In the 1920s era, incandescent tungsten bulbs were popular because the brighter incandescent lights were newly revealed at that time and because those bulbs did not generate the noticeable humming that can be found on the arc lights. The humming was very suitable for silent films. In the 1940s, tungsten floodlights which were supported with reflecting surfaces that were located inside the bulb behind the filament was very popular.

Transformation of Technology of Movies

The technology of movies had been transformed in the late 1920s. Bell Labs and Western Electric had collaborated with Vitaphone and Warner Brothers produced Don Juan. Don Juan was a sound movie which featured John Barrymore. This movie was launched on 6 August 1926. Even though there was no conversation, the music and a couple of saber clashes were connected to the actions. One year later, Jazz Singer that was played by Al Jolson came with spoken lines and this movie was box office that makes a lot of movie producers make sound movies.

As the time goes by, movie-making has been introduced with electronics. Sound can be converted by microphones to an electrical signal that would be amplified or meanwhile processed electronically. The photographic soundtrack was allowed by photocell to be converted back to electrical signal. Along with loudspeakers, the sound for audience has been recreated by amplifying tubes. Meanwhile, sound movies made the production of the photocells great because the first stage market was created for such tubes.

Electric lighting like neon and a couple of colored lighting and also sound systems and projection systems were crucial for the movies industry from the late 1920s to the 1930s. In the year of 1924, there was editing machine called Moviola. This machine had used variable-speed electric motor and pedal control. This was a very great innovation which made it easier in order to splice the footage together.

More than 100 games for Oculus VR Headset in 2016

Oculus VR headset

The price and preorder of Oculus VR headset is already announced by Oculus in the first quarter of 2016. It forces them to develop some games which suitable and appropriate with this future gaming gear obviously. Some experts predict that Oculus Rift will have more than a hundred games through this year. This is not a small number of games for sure which means there are many game developers which attracted to compare their game-engine and modern gaming gear in 2016. This becomes the most expectations for Oculus Rift fans all over the world to feel a new experience through many challenging games.

The 100 games during 2016 for Oculus VR headset was confirmed by Palmer Luckey. He is the creator of this futuristic gaming-gear on his Reddit account. Moreover, he said that at least 100 games which mean that it can be more. He added that there are 20 Oculus Studios titles included on a hundred games before with many 3rd party titles either. Until this post is written, there are only two games confirmed for Oculus Rift. They are Lucky’s Tale and Eve: Valkyrie. Actually, other games have already announced but we can mention it one by one in this post. Those games have announced last year through the trailer of this modern headset.

For your information, Oculus VR headset is available now with preorder system. The customers will get a package which consists of Oculus Remote, Xbox One Controller, cables, free copies of mentioned games above, a sensor and the Oculus headset itself. The creator sets the price for $599 on the market now. There is no upfront payment either. Consequently, the charge appears when the headset is on shipping already. The launching batch will be held on 28 March. However, all headsets are already sold out now according to the latest news. The second batch is predicted on May.

On our perspective, the price of Oculus VR headset is classified as cheap cost. This price point is suitable for low until high level of customers. Moreover, people are very enthusiast to wait this high-technology system of gaming-gear. However, they need to compare the minimum requirements first before using Oculus Rift on their PC. Regarding to the 100 games which will be available this year, it is a very positive comment since Oculus Rift is the most demanding gear in 2016. The more games are the better especially for the gamer communities all over the world. Let us see and wait those games.