Clash Get Supermagical Chest

The Clash Royale triche to get supermagical chest is not figment anymore these days. For your information, a chest contains everything we need in the Clash Royale game. It can be gems, cards or coins. Supermagical chest is the highest rank chest in this game. It is rated above Wood, Crown, Silver, Gold, Giant and Magical chests. Of course, each chest has different difficulty to be obtained by the players. Meanwhile, the Supermagical chest is the hardest one. Do not worry, we will help you to get this chest in the fastest way and easiest.

Clash Royale TricheTo Get Supermagical ChestIntroduction

The Clash Royale triche to get supermagical chest can be categorized as the hardest one rather than other chests. This trick has only one weakness. Yes, you can actually buy the supermagical chest by using the gems. However, it requires at least 2500 gems. Wow, those are not small numbers by the way. That is why people want to use a trick in order to save their gems. It is okay if we have much money because we can just buy those gems easily. Now, you know the weakness of this trick, right? This weakness costs 2500 gems. What about free-to-play players? Here we go!

Clash Royale TricheTo Get Supermagical Chest Instructions

First of all, the Clash Royale triche to get supermagical chest is making sure that the Free and Crown chests are in “next in” phase. It means that both chests have been unlocked before. Secondly, it requires a situation when you are in the battle. The situation is that both Crown towers on the right and left towers should be destroyed firstly. Then, you have to finish the game by destroying the middle tower. Thirdly, do this strategy for at least five win streaks. Last but not least, your chance to get the supermagical chest is on high-possibility for sure.

Clash Royale TricheTo Get Supermagical Chest Chance

That is what you need to get supermagical chest. Overall, there are four steps which you have to do. We believe that this trick is quite easy to be followed by everyone including newbie players of Clash Royale. The most important thing is your ambition and effort to get 5 win streaks. As we know, this game is very addictive and fun. Once again, this trick is free and no hoax. The chance to get this special chest is higher if you do the trick properly. The average players have the same ambition for Clash Royale triche to get supermagical chest.