It has been a while to see Dynasty Warrior Godseeker that brings new gameplay far from other series. Eschewing the third-person won’t make this game boring at all. Otherwise, it gives new perspective as one of turn-based strategy games now hitting the New Year. It also has been fun to see the truth behind every real moment of the history in Dynasty Warrior whether we are on the right path or not. We usually found ourselves in the dilemmatic situation when trying to save comrade’s life or not through the series. But, the developer starts the game by exploiting the esteemed Zhao Yun and his friend, Lei Bin who want to awaken the ancient God.


The gameplay of Dynasty Warrior Godseeker is truly different with other series that we have known so far. But, of course, the graphic seems familiar for our eyes and we would talk about it on the next section. You won’t control single general anymore through the game but some generals instead. Those generals do not get too far from the main characters that we have said before. They are Zhao Yun and Lei Bin. The gameplay forces you to know the strength and weakness both of your group and enemies. You should make a good decision in every turn you have. There are two options here to fight enemies in front of you. First, you fight with your crowd. Second, you can duel single enemy general.


The graphic of Dynasty Warrior Godseeker remains similar with the predecessors. But, the turn-based strategy gameplay makes this game differently. You will see the grid on the ground, which means you can move your character on battlefield based on the grid. For the dialogue, it seems too quick for long-time Dinasty Warrior fans. Hence, they might feel the dialogue is too short for their ears. Say goodbye for the endless talk of honor that we have heard on several series before.


Overall, the Dynasty Warrior Godseekerbrings fresh gameplay for those who are boring with the old gameplay of this game. You are now not only smashing ten peasants in a single button but also the entire generals. It is such refreshment for our controller as well. But still, you can feel the same atmosphere and graphic on the battlefield. We couldn’t hold the developer to arrange this game except enjoying every moment when we play it on our PlayStation 4. It is still a good console game.