Resident Evil Zero HD remaster finally comes to PC. This is the remaster version of Resident Evil game that was launched in 2002. Just like the old Resident Evil, it’s still a zombie survival game. In beginning of the game, you have to solve like puzzle game about the character before you can proceed to the next level. You have to observe some security cameras while defending from zombie attacks. You have to shot them in third person view with limited ammo. So, it surely need your concentration.

resident evil zero hd remaster

Because it’s a remastered game, the game play still uses old game play which enable you to avoid conflict during the game. Resident Evil Zero HD remaster will allow you to avoid some conflicts to avoid or reduce any damages. You have two playable characters that can be switched during the game. You can also trade or split the items between those two playable players. In this game version you don’t have to go into a safe room to drop or change the items, you can do it anywhere you want.

In this Resident Evil Zero HD remaster, the screen resolution has more options. Now, you can enable full 16:9 wide screen. It also supports 1080p resolution, just like the new AAA games nowadays. In this game you will see a new visual engine that offers better visual display. The audio gets improvement too. The audio system uses Gamecube audio featured with Dolby 5.1. It will give a good sound for any effects of the game. But, if you look closer to some objects in the game such as doors and windows, they have very rough textures. No need to worry about it because when it comes to the zombie, they look more realistic. It creates true zombie survivor atmosphere in the game.

So, this remaster game has some additional features such as better audio and visual quality compared to the old games. Then, the Resi gameplay give you something different that can’t be found in many modern games. The puzzle in this game is also very enjoyable and fun. As a legendary game, it should get better improvements for the gameplay. Compared to some modern games, the gameplay cannot match many modern games. It can be said that the game a little bit boring. But, if you want to have a nostalgic game in your PC, installing Resident Evil Zero HD remaster can be a good way.