More than 100 games for Oculus VR Headset in 2016

Oculus VR headset

The price and preorder of Oculus VR headset is already announced by Oculus in the first quarter of 2016. It forces them to develop some games which suitable and appropriate with this future gaming gear obviously. Some experts predict that Oculus Rift will have more than a hundred games through this year. This is not a small number of games for sure which means there are many game developers which attracted to compare their game-engine and modern gaming gear in 2016. This becomes the most expectations for Oculus Rift fans all over the world to feel a new experience through many challenging games.

The 100 games during 2016 for Oculus VR headset was confirmed by Palmer Luckey. He is the creator of this futuristic gaming-gear on his Reddit account. Moreover, he said that at least 100 games which mean that it can be more. He added that there are 20 Oculus Studios titles included on a hundred games before with many 3rd party titles either. Until this post is written, there are only two games confirmed for Oculus Rift. They are Lucky’s Tale and Eve: Valkyrie. Actually, other games have already announced but we can mention it one by one in this post. Those games have announced last year through the trailer of this modern headset.

For your information, Oculus VR headset is available now with preorder system. The customers will get a package which consists of Oculus Remote, Xbox One Controller, cables, free copies of mentioned games above, a sensor and the Oculus headset itself. The creator sets the price for $599 on the market now. There is no upfront payment either. Consequently, the charge appears when the headset is on shipping already. The launching batch will be held on 28 March. However, all headsets are already sold out now according to the latest news. The second batch is predicted on May.

On our perspective, the price of Oculus VR headset is classified as cheap cost. This price point is suitable for low until high level of customers. Moreover, people are very enthusiast to wait this high-technology system of gaming-gear. However, they need to compare the minimum requirements first before using Oculus Rift on their PC. Regarding to the 100 games which will be available this year, it is a very positive comment since Oculus Rift is the most demanding gear in 2016. The more games are the better especially for the gamer communities all over the world. Let us see and wait those games.