There is somehow a nagging and unresolved question whether about Persona 5 launch and the exclusivity of the game to a certain console. It has been a common issue that has been in the mind of most avid gamers but since the game is released, it may as well as dropping off the bomb and discuss the issue altogether.

Persona 5: The Facts in the Gaming Industry
You need to know (and admit) that the gaming industry is a super lucrative one. Billions of dollars are generated on the yearly basis only and with the global platform as the world-class market, you can expect getting some of the profitable share. And with the different gaming platforms being invented and created, such as Nintendo, Sony PS, Microsoft PC, Xbox, and so much more (not to mention also more and more mobile gaming apps) are available along the way, the question about the exclusivity of a title with its console comes to the surface. And it is somehow related to Persona 5 and the series.

You see, exclusivity of the title is important in this business – after all, we are talking about a lot of money here. Can you imagine having the Legends of Zelda in Microsoft PC? Or, can you imagine Halo or Gears of War on Nintendo? Exclusivity makes the title somehow exclusive to a certain console. Although some developers and publishers make some of the games available in several platforms, the exclusivity remains the same and identical to the title. When it comes to Persona 5, the game was originally available for the Nintendo. The Persona Q was made available for 3DS and it is possible that Persona 5 will be available for the Switch. This is the exemplary case where the title is exclusive but the series aren’t.

Persona 5: The Exemplary Case
This is basically a general case for the major games although Persona 5 is acting like a study-case in this matter. The issue is problematic. On one side, developers have to spend money when they have to provide the game for more consoles – you need to remember that the formats are different. On the other hand, players don’t really like the idea that they have to spend money for different consoles, especially the ones that they won’t be using too often. Let’s say that you like your PS4, why should you buy the Wii just to be able to play a game?

This may be a problematic case for a lot of gamers but when you choose a particular console, you’d better stick to it. Persona 5 is only an example case but you get the idea of the overall impact, don’t you?