Shiness the Lightning Kingdom

Shiness the Lightning Kingdom introduces its characters one by one on some screenshots. These screenshots were uploaded by its developer, Focus Home Interactive. For your information, this game is a RPG game which will be released soon through the year. On those screenshots, we infer that the developer wants to introduce the main characters’ story of the game. Those pictures tell us about the background or reasons why their living place is endangered. The name of the world is Mahera. This is good teaser because players do not only need the teaser of the game which will be released but also thebackground story of the game.

The main character of Shiness the Lightning Kingdom is Chado who has relation with the nature surrounding him. He will be accompanied by Poky who is his mechanic and the mysterious Kayenne who has telekinesis ability. Those main characters will take their adventure and find a solution why they world is being ruined. There are also fire benders Rosalya and Askel who will join the adventure with Chado and friends. According to the screenshots, those characters have their own ways or reasons why they want to help Chado which are described very well on the pictures.

The developer of Shiness the Lightning Kingdom promises that their game offers addictive and challenging gameplay. As we know that RPG game is a strategy game. You need to know who will attack first and who will heal the entire team. They also added that the character who is in critical situation or nearly die, he or she will be automatically replaced by other characters of the team. In other words, the players should know when to attack and when to defense. Since this is a RPG game, those kinds of gameplay are very well-known and popular for RPG gamers.

The game will be released this year. We have no confirmation yet when is the specific date of the release. FYI, this game will be available for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 globally. If you are yearning the truly RPG game, you must wait this game. You will know how is the experience of playing TPG game on high-end console due its graphics. Overall, we cannot show how the gameplay’s detail of the game is now because it is still on-progress. Of course, it won’t be far away from the nature of RPG by the way.RPG or roleplaying game is the main gameplay of Shiness the Lightning Kingdom.