XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategy game that requires players to battle aliens who’ve taken over the world. This is the fight after you fail to save humanity when the alien invade the earth. You have to save the Earth’s citizens that are living under the oppressive power of the aliens and Advent, Alien’s co-opted soldier. The Avenger is a huge repurposed alien ship that is the only hope and home for the resistance including the soldiers, engineers and scientists.

XCOM 2 Gameplay

You can start research and manage projects in the vessel. You can build new facilities after clearing a central group of rooms, and there is a map of the world on the bridge called the Geoscape that allows you locate spacecraft you park. Contacting on hand resistance groups will help you to fight back in XCOM 2 by expanding your area from the solitude starting place. The time is stop on the Geoscape, but you set off a timer when you start an objective such as obtain resources, make resistance contact, and call the black market. Suddenly, alien may attack and you should defend, or you are called for a mission to attack the aliens. It is possible to ignore them, but you might lose important resources, chance to gain experience for soldier, and attack Dark Events. Dark Events are several alien movements that may reduce your income, or attack The Avenger.

XCOM 2 Combat

There are difficulties you will face with scarcity of opportunity in the XCOM 2. In some cases there might be only six possible scan sites, while the game metes out the combat encounters. This thin range of options issue can be solved by recruit new rookies. You will be able to contact more territories by building a communication facility built by an engineer. Upgrade your weapons using alien alloys. They are hard to find. You are lucky to find one. Your decision affects the way the game flow.

XCOM 2 Strategy

Away from alien detection hidden in the various objects, supplies are important things to collect by scanning the area to find. Recruiting an engineer could be difficult that cause you to left supplies on the ground for weeks. The Avatar Project is the one you should keep an eye for as you have to reduce its doom clock count by attacking an alien base or it will turn into your defeat. There are lots things you have to do in XCOM 2 and each is vital to complete the game.